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AudioAcrobat is a super easy-to-use service that lets you create, store and share your audio and video clips online, in that “cloud” thing people are talking about.

You can create audios and videos about any part of your life: yourself, your business, your family, your faith.  Really, anything.

It’s very easy to do.  First we’ve got to get your content.  Use your phone or computer to record or upload your media to your account.

Before you can bat an eye, we’ve already meticulously optimized your files for fast and easy delivery by generating handy links, code and phone numbers.

Then YOU choose how and where you’d like to share your content. 

Send it in an email, publish to your blog or website, share on facebook or twitter and even add a phone number for people to listen.  Yep, you can download it too.  You’ve got lots of options.

We believe that our service is SO easy to use, you’ll be hooked WAY BEFORE THE END of your Free Trial.

Have questions?  Contact Us to get in touch.  Our team is standing by.

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Here are several possible reasons why you're seeing this message:

  • The link sent via email is broken.
  • The member who sent you the link has closed their account.
  • The member who sent you the link has deleted or deactivated the file.


  • Highlight the entire URL, beginning with "https://" and ending in ".mp3", then paste the highlighted URL into your browser's address bar.
  • Contact the member who sent you the link for more information.

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